B34 Folding Arm Awning

The Brustor B-34 is an open style folding arm awning with compact dimensions (193mm high x 230mm deep). Standard colour is white but the B34 can be powder coated any colour from the Dulux range of powder coats. The awning is built around a 50mm X 30mm steel tube back rail, and retractable arms that are 66mm high. The arms use an integrated draw spring system which has 2 stainless steel cables.  One of the key elements of the B34’s design is the way the front rail sits in front of the arms and brings them back in alignment when retracted.

  • compact degign
  • built around a 50 x 30mm steel tube back rail
  • maximum projection is 3m
  • maximum width up to 6m
  • unique design for reliable arm retraction
  • custom colours from the Dulux powdercoat range
  • motorised or manual operation


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