B35 Folding Arm Awning

The Brustor B-35 is a full cassette folding arm awning with compact dimensions (200mm high x 182mm deep) that make it suitable for just about every situation. With the choice of over 150 colours, the B35 is a stylish and discrete unit which makes it ideal for either modern or traditional architecture. The awning is built around a 50mm X 30mm steel tube back rail, and retractable arms that are 71mm high. The arms use an integrated draw spring system which requires 4 stainless steel cables due to its superior tension.

  • full cassette folding arm awning, ideal for all types of architecture
  • built around a 50 x 30mm steel tube back rail
  • maximum projection up to 3.5m (4.0m is available as special order)
  • 71mm high arms and integrated draw spring system with 4 cables keep the fabric taut
  • maximum width up to 7m
  • cassette with compact dimensions: 200mm high x 182mm deep
  • custom colours from the Dulux powdercoat range
  • motorised operation only


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